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Sustainability at low cost?

Today the market continuously faces the question of how to combine increasing environmental demands on plastics packaging, to become more sustainable with the aspect of rising costs on raw materials inputs.

The challenge is to provide plastics packaging that brings relevant and factual sustainable aspects like low impact on carbon footprint and to fulfil the demand requirements within a plastics packaging lifecycle at the lowest possible cost.


Market demand and interest

The increasing demand and interest from the market is basically in three prime areas regarding the packaging lifecycle. All of them will separately have positive improvements on the sustainability of the packaging. 

  • To extend the lifetime of a plastics packaging product , the reuse.
  • To recovery valuable material, the recycling.
  • To use less non-renewable traditional raw materials, the  bio-renewable substitute. 

Currently within the global market technologies try to fulfil the above requirements without succeeding completely. 

Existing technologies are either far too expensive, incompatible with the general disposal waste stream for recovery of plastics or do not functionally perform from a technical or even environmental perspective.

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