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ESP303D™ is compatible with virtually all plastics production processes, including many resin materials and provide high durability, both as raw material and also in the final product. ESP303D™ has the ability to improve production performance and productivity as to:

  • Energy Usage
  • Yield
  • Cooling
  • Printability
  • Process Additives 
  • Sealing 


Features and Improvements using ESP303D™ 

  • Improved Sustainability
  • Improved Costs - Stable Price
  • Lower Carbon Footprint (ISO14040 – LCA), i.e. 25%
    ESP303D™=20% less CO2 than PE (> 81% better than virgin PE)
  • Less use of non renewable resins
  • Use of bio renewable material (ASTM6866 Test)
  • Use of a bio marine waste material (no competition
    with land-use food production)
  • Carbon Capture ( New carbon in the shell taken
    from CO2 in the sea, "The Carbon Cycle")
  • No metals and no pre-degradation. High temperature stability

Eco Sustainable Plastics™

“Low impact on carbon footprint and economy”

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