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Cost stability

  • ESP303D™ offers a stable price far longer than many other suppliers of materials used in plastics packaging.
  • ESP303D™ is basically not dependent on petroleum-based non-renewable raw materials and has a stable
    supply of renewable bio-marine raw materials.
  • ESP303D™ is a buffer to volatile resin prices.



  • Biodegradable - Capable of being decomposed by biological agents, microbes like bacteria.
  • Vegetable based bio plastics - A plastics made of a bio-renewable material or a plastics being compostable.
  • Composting  - Biodegradation in the presence of oxygen according to a given standard or norm providing  compost.
  • Oxobio - Initiating an oxidation (in presence of oxygen) in plastics causing a degradation leading to biodegradation.
  • Fossil Fuel Based - Plastics based on oil (petroleum) of which "Polyolefin’s" are the major plastics material group
    (~2/3 of all plastics). Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) are the most common plastics.
  • HDPE- High Density Polyethylene, LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene, LLDPE - Low Linear Density Polyethylene, PP – Polypropylene, PS - Polystyrene.

Eco Sustainable Plastics™

“Low impact on carbon footprint and economy”

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