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ESP303D™ provides more than 5 times less Green House Gas (GHG) impact than PE and PP. This particular thanks to that > 75% of the product is based on a biomarine waste (shells) and a carbon capture (storage) in the shells. Assumption is based on an LCA (ISO 14040) provided by SGS for ESP in 2011.

More than 75% of ESP303D™ consists of a bio-renewable material, a bio-marine waste from shell farming. The material is tested to define the so-called new "modern" carbon-containing C14 according to ASTM D6866 performed by BETA LAB in the United States. The bio-regeneration cycle of the bio-renewable material is 4-6 months until the material becomes a waste.

An incineration of ESP303D™ will have very little environmental impact and only 23.5% of the CO2 is not environmentally neutral and/or is going back into the biological cycle.


Carbon Footprint Impact in CO2 kg equivalent

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