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The founders of ESP have during years been operating with many so-called sustainable technologies bringing various features to the life cycle of plastics packaging and single use products. 

Searching for a “low impact on carbon footprint and economy technology” brought ESP into a technique to refine a bio-marine waste material sourced from sea shell. The shells being a real waste are collected, refined and processed into pellets which are made adaptable and viable to the be used by plastics packaging industry. The product is called ESP303D™. The carbon footprint of ESP303D™ is about 5 times lower than of conventional plastics like polyethylene (PE). 

Thus ESP achieved a “low impact on carbon footprint” and in addition a product very stable in price due to the use of a waste bio renewable material also allowing a low impact on the economy.


Eco Sustainable Plastics™

“Low impact on carbon footprint and economy”

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